Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cricut Friends

Ok this will be where you leave the comments. Thanks! good luck!

My Bright Cards !

I'm trying to add a little brightness to my card mix. There different but Ithink it will show i can do different type of cards and will appeal to different types.

Few New Cards

I made these yesterday. I'm trying to get them done for my craft shows starting in Sept. Let me know what you think!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Morning!!!!

Well I'm ready to start my day. I made 2 new cards this morning. I'll share them with you later. My vacation is over. My grandson is back. I missed him but now I won't get many cards done. I like spending my day with him and not do anything else. It's great bonding between me and him. They grow so fast. I have his pool up so i'll let him go in that today. Another hot day but thats ok. I've started gearing up for Christmas. i'll be doing alot of Christmas Cards for family and to sell on my Etsy Shop!!! Well with coffee in hand I better get moving. Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christmas Cards

Well these are my Christmas Cards. I'll be making more different ones as the days go on. I plan of doing many different ones. I might even do tags and other packaged cards.

Christmas Card

Christmas Tree Card

Another Christmas Card

Christmas Card

Faith Card

Another Day!

Well it looks like another busy day. Im in a better mood today! I'm still having problems on here with my etsy shop link. It doesn't show on the side. I took it off and it works on the bottom of my page. Go figure!!!!! Different people said it worked but it doesn't show up on mine. Oh well! Time to move on. As you can see i've been adding new cards. I've been a crafting mode all week.
Tomorrow my baby grandson is back. I missed him all week but it gave me time to work on some of my crafts. I'm getting ready for christmas and some craft shows starting in Sept. I make tabletop Christmas trees so I need to get working on them.I couldn't keep up with them last year so I better start making them now. Well have alot to do so I'll leave you with this thought.
Remember, The glass is always half full not half empty! Thats how I try to think of things. It keeps me happy, healthy, and strong! See you tomorrow!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Another New Card

This is another card I made today. I really like the way it came out.

New Card

I made this card today. It's a 5"x7'. I really like the colors in this one.

Bad Day With My Blog!

I'm having a bad day on here today. I seemed to have lost my link to my Etsy Shop. I have tried everything! I don't have a clue. It was fine last night and when i came in this morning it is gone. I give up on it today. I've had enough. I even think I lost people coming in. Oh well maybe the site is having a problem. There's still tomorrow.

Vacation Over!

Couldn,t sleep again. My vacation is almost over. I had such plans of getting things done around house. I didn't!!!! I made more cards and just hung out. Our weather has been so hot and humid. who wants to work in that heat. I didn't even finish painting my scrap room. I made a few cards yesterday. I'll be posting them. Had another order on etsy! Yeah! It seems like another warm day. I think I'll try to get out early and maybe catch a few yard sales. Well have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Butterfly Card

Another butterfly card. As you can guess, I love butterflies. This was one of my first cards. I love the colors of this one.

Card I Made For My Neighbor

My neighbor who is my best friend and 79 lost her husband last month. I wanted to give her a card for her but not a sympathy card. She loved it because it was like giving her a hug everyday. It is on her refrigerator. It reminds her I'm only a call (or yell) away!
This is another one of my first cards. I love the colors in this one.

Joy Card

This was one of my first cards.

New Peace Card

I made this one last night. I'm into the peace thing this week. LoL!


Well as you can see from my title I'm excited because I have my playlist up and running. I hope you all enjoy my music list!!!!! As you can see I like all kinds of music. I hope I don't shock you.
Well today looks like a great day. We have had rain and bad storms for 2 days. Even a tornado hit here. Thats unusual for us. we really needed rain. Everything was turning brown. Well I've been busy making more cards. I have a few new ones to post . Today I need to paint my scraproom and get it organised. That will take time. It's such a mess. I'm a messy scrapper! At least I know where everything is! Well I,m off to get my work done. When my room is painted and done, I'm going to attempt to do a video. Yes , I said attempt!!!! See you later everyone!!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puppy Love

This card is not my usual card. I do mostly inspirational. I finally decided to try my Paper Pups Cartridge. It came with my Cricut but i never used it. I think it came out ok.

Another Year Older!

Well yesterday was my birthday. Yes, I'm another year older. I don't feel older but I am. Next year, will be the big 60! Yes, 60!!!!! I'm not looking forward to that birthday. But it is what it is. I feel like I have accomplished alot in these last 2 years. I overcame a injury due to an accident. I must admit, I never thought I would overcome it but I did. It goes to show you what you can do if you really want something. This accident changed my life for the better. I know it sounds crazy but it did. I realize it was a wakeup call telling me to slow down and smell the roses, enjoy life and just be happy! So my advice this morning is, Don't wait for something to happen to make you slow down. Enjoy life each day to the fullest, be kind to one another, treat people like you would like to be treated and just be happy with who you are. With that said, I will say goodbye! Have a great day everyone!!!!!!

Love Card!

This card is brown with a deep agua. I added a butterfly and the word love. It's plain but gets your attention!

My New Hope Card!

Well I couldn't sleep so thought I'd put my new card on I made last night. This is a larger card. I'll be making more cards this size.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adore Card

I love this color combination. The colors compliment each other. I loved putting this one together.

My New Card!

This is a new card I made today! I was busy today. I made 8 cards. This one is my favorite one. I love the way the teal accents the brown. I think this one will sell on my Etsy site. I never know what my cards will look like. I get a feeling and I go with it. Thats what makes them all different. Some are better then others. I just like making them all different.

Harvest Card

Another fall card! Like I said I love Fall!!!!

My Pumpkin Card

As you can see I'm already doing my fall cards! I love fall. I decorate my house every year and everyone loves looking at my yard! They never know what i'll put up next!!

Just A Different Card

This card reminds me of my favorite season. Living in New England this is a card that fits my personality. I love all the seasons, yes even winter!!!!!

My Believe Card

I'm not a red person but I just couldn't resist this color combination. It works!

Peace Card

This card is very plain but has it's own message! I love the color combination. It's not my favorite card but it was what I was feeling at that moment!

Dragonfly Card

I love the color of this card . I love putting different colors together and see the effect they have. This one is a nice combination.

My Love Card

This is one of my favorite cards. I love the color combination. I love when I get an idea of color and go with it. When it looks good I'm happy!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Blog In Progress!

As you can see I'm still learning how to get my blog the way I want it. I'm learning more each day. Not bad for a computer dummy! Maybe someday I'll be a computer whiz!!! I won't hold my breath. I want this blog to be about all my interests. I love scrapbooking, making cards, gardening, knitting and many other things. Once I get this done I'll be blogging daily. Gee, who would of thought I'd become a blogger!!!! I guess you can do whatever you want as long as you never give up!

Friday, July 11, 2008

All About Me!

Well this is my new blog. As you can see I'm not set up yet. I'm trying but I'm not a computer whiz. Hopefully I'll figure it out soon. Until then I'll at least tell you about myself.
I'm a 58 year old grandmother!!!!! Yes, I'm not afraid to say my age. Age is just a number!!!! Besides they say 50's are the new 40's. Well it is if you believe it!!!!!
I've been married for 35 years to a great man. I have 1 daughter who I adore. She's my world. I have a great son-in-law and the cutest little grandson!!!!! I have my furbaby! Yes he rules the house!!!! He's a 11 year old ShitzShu. My Baby!!!!
I love all crafts. I just opened a site on etsy!!! I love gardening but not weeding! I love to cook and just about anything that keeps me busy. I love meeting people and enjoying life. My favorite sayings are:
Dance Like No One Is Watching!
The Glass Is Half Full Not Half Empty!
Bite Me !
Talk To The Hand!
I love to read, dance, sing, and enjoy life to the fullest!
I hope you'll come visit and listen to my thoughts!