Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weird Saturday!

Have you ever planned a day and it just doesn't turn out how you want it to? Well thats my life every weekend!
I take care of my grandson Mon.-Fri. So I plan my Saturday to get everything done. Well I definately have good intentions!
I start off great with my plan but I never get done.
I cleaned alot but never finished. I had to do errands. Well my errands turned into more.
I stopped to see my friend at her floral shop and we decided I would go there later to do a few things for her scrapbooking door. I've been doing page layouts for the door going into her work area.
I made plans to go back there later. Well, little did I know those plans would change !!!!!! How quickly things change!!!!!
I just drove in my driveway when my dd called to say they were coming over to set up my router so I could use my new little laptop. Yes I bought one of those cute little acer 8.9" ones ! Yes it is small but it's perfect for me!
Well my sil set it up and discovered we needed another piece because my Dell didn't have wireless in it.
Hmmm, imagine that!
Well they had to go out and get another part. Well to make a long story short I had to call friend and tell her I couldn't go!!! I was dissapointed because I really wanted to spend time with her and get the door done!
Well needless to say I ended up going there at 7 and stayed till 9.
So I've decided I'm not planning my Saturdays anymore!!!!!
Good idea?????
Well I guess I'll try to get something done before anything changes today!
Have a great Sunday!!!!!