Monday, August 25, 2008

I Dedicate This Song!

I'm dedicating the song that plays on my playlist in memory of my mom!
Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff

Cards & Bookmarks For Cancer!

These are some of the cards and bookmarks I'll be selling on my site . I'll be donating .50 from each card and bookmark I sell till Dec.31. I will also be doing cards and bookmarks with the ribbon for ovarian cancer. I'll be designing them in loving memory of my mom. This cancer is dear to me because of my mom. She fought this disease with such strength and diginity. I'm celebrating her life and how she lived it! It was 9 years last week that I lost her.

Beautiful Day!

Today is such a beautiful day. I was up this morning at 4am. I worked on some of my cards and packaged the ones for my craft shows that will be coming up soon. I love working that early in the morning. My ideas seem to flow at that time. It's so peaceful in my design room. The birds are chirping and it is so quiet out.
I'm working on many projects for the holidays. I'll be adding all kinds of things to my etsy site. I'll be making table christmas trees, but I'm not saying how they will be. It will be a surprise. Well time to do some more work.