Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Well the day is here. I hope everyone has a great day. Please take a moment to reflect how lucky we are. Thank all our military for making sure we have a great peaceful day! Tell a loved one how much you care. you never know what tomorrow will bring.
I'm sure all of you have different traditions. Enjoy them and pass them on . I've given up my holiday to my daughter. It was hard but it was time to let her shine. I must admit it's great getting up and not having to do anything. I can relax and go to her house. No mess!!!!
I am making gigantic chocolate chip cookies for grandson who's 2. I know he will love it. The smile on his face will say it all. I think this year he will understand more.
Well,I need to finish some of my craft show projects. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!