Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day!!!

Happy Labor Day Everyone! The sad part of it being labor day is knowing that summer is almost over.
We had a lousy summer here. Rain, Rain, Rain.
Then hot and humid. My gardens look awful. Bad year for my flowers!
I love fall! Wish it could stay fall all year!
I'm in the fall cleaning mode.
I'm on vacation from babysitting my grandson but now I'm baby sitting my daughters 2 dogs while they go on vacation.
I have a dog too. Fun, Fun, Fun.
Her dogs shed so all my fall cleaning will be for nothing!
I hope to get all my items done for all my craft shows starting this month.
I have alot of shows to get ready for!
I'll be posting some of my creations as I make them!
Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!