Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worried For Nothing!

I guess I worried for nothing. My grandson ended up getting 3 stitches. What a champ! He acted like he never got hurt. I guess boys are accident proof. Lol! I'm working on more cards. I'm selling them in a floral shop. Hopefully this will be a good adventure for me. I'm trying to get ready for some craft shows. I got rained out of the one Sunday! Oh well, there are others. I'm thinking of doing a video on some of my cards. Give ideas to anyone who would want them. I have a Flip, so all I need to do is figure how to do it! That could take months! Lol. Well grandson will be here in a few minutes. I need to make his breakfast and bring out on patio. He loves eating out there and watch the wiggles! Have a great day everyone!