Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Great New week!

This week so far has been great!
Z is back. I'm babysitting my grandson. Vacation is over.
The weather has been warm but at least no rain.
I packed up my Jeep yesterday, picked up my cousin and off to the beach we went.
Z had the best time. He loves going to the beach.
He's starting to look like a coppertone kid! LOL!
This week isn't stressfull as last week. I took care of the problem or should I say problems. Nothing like an ocean breeze to bring your spirits up!
I need to realax and enjoy life. Don't need any negative things in my life.
I'm surrounding myself with good things and keeping busy getting all my things done for the shops I'm in and all the craft shows coming in the fall.
I'll be posting my new items I'm making soon.