Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Morning!

Well the weekend is gone and I still didn't get my house decorated! I had good intentions but my life changes at a minute notice. You know me, I'm an over achiever! My morning started out on track. I cleaned my refrigerater. Then I decided to make some pumpkin bread. Got that done when a WW. friend called to ask if I was going to meeting. I told her no because I have to get my house decorated. Well before you knew it I was in shower, dressed and on my way. Then I got a call from another friend asking what I was doing. So I said nothing special, so after meeting I put groceries away. Oh did I forgot to tell you I went grocery shopping too. Lol! My friend wanted me to help her set up a blog! By time I got home with take out in hand for hubby it was after 3. Are you confused yet????? We ate takeout which was not WW. Then off to get a few more groceries.
Got back and a message from friend about the blog. We'were on for 3 hours!! Then I got a frantic call on my cell from Daughter saying she was taking my grandson who's 2 to childrens hospital. He fell and split above his eye. To make a long story short , he ended up getting 8 stitches. I managed to get some sleep and got up at 3am.
I must say this is my longest blog!
By the way, check out my friends blog. It's fabulous!!!!! She's doing a great job as I knew she would!!!!! Click on my blog list on melsmorningglorys.
Mel it looks great!!!!!!!