Sunday, September 7, 2008

Storm Not Bad!!!!

Well we had the end of Hannah last night. The way they talked it was supposed to be high winds. I slept through it. They said it was supposed to be bad. I took all my Fall decorations down so they wouldn't blow away. What a waste. I had to redecorate this morning. At least I got alot of cards made. I made 12 new Christmas ones. I'll add some pictures later. I love the weather today. warm and breezy. I think I'll make a apple pie. Am I making your mouth water????? Or maybe apple crisp.Maybe I should just be good and eat lowfat. Nah, thats no fun! LOL!!!! Well I guess I better get some more things done for my craft shows! Now that I have you all thinking about pie, I will leave. See you all later!!!!