Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Friends At Floral Shop!

Here's some pictures of my friends at Morning Glory Florist. I sell my cards here. My friends Mel and Linda own this beautiful shop.
I've known Mel along time. We first met when we we're selling our crafts at a little craft shop. Mel is the one in black.
Now she owns a flower shop and her dream has come true. Who says you can't have your dream, she does.
I'm still doing crafts but not wood items. I've changed and love doing altered items and cards. I'm trying to live out my dream.
Check out Mel's Blog. Just click on it here on my blog.

New Card!

I had to repost this card. The first post a few days ago didn't look right. I think it was because my computer wasn.t working right. So here it is again. I think it looks much better.