Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Is Almost Here!

Fall is almost here. That is my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the colorful leaves and just the feeling of the change. Living in New England I get to see the great foliage all around me. I love decorating my yard and house outside. I will show pictures when I get it done. The only bad thing about Fall , is knowing that winter is around the corner. I love making apple pies in fall. It is my family tradition and I must admit I make a great apple pie! This year it will be great. My grandson is old enough to enjoy it. I will teach him to jump in leave piles, roll down the hill on leaves. Gee, maybe I can teach him to rake !!!! Lol!!!! Well have to go. Need to get packed for the beach. Everyone, sit down and think about fall and what it means to you. If you don't have Fall try going on a trip to look at the leaves somewhere else.