Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adore Card

I love this color combination. The colors compliment each other. I loved putting this one together.

My New Card!

This is a new card I made today! I was busy today. I made 8 cards. This one is my favorite one. I love the way the teal accents the brown. I think this one will sell on my Etsy site. I never know what my cards will look like. I get a feeling and I go with it. Thats what makes them all different. Some are better then others. I just like making them all different.

Harvest Card

Another fall card! Like I said I love Fall!!!!

My Pumpkin Card

As you can see I'm already doing my fall cards! I love fall. I decorate my house every year and everyone loves looking at my yard! They never know what i'll put up next!!

Just A Different Card

This card reminds me of my favorite season. Living in New England this is a card that fits my personality. I love all the seasons, yes even winter!!!!!

My Believe Card

I'm not a red person but I just couldn't resist this color combination. It works!

Peace Card

This card is very plain but has it's own message! I love the color combination. It's not my favorite card but it was what I was feeling at that moment!

Dragonfly Card

I love the color of this card . I love putting different colors together and see the effect they have. This one is a nice combination.

My Love Card

This is one of my favorite cards. I love the color combination. I love when I get an idea of color and go with it. When it looks good I'm happy!