Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer Is Almost Over!

Well summer is almost over. I'm glad in some ways and not others. I love Fall! Actually I like all our seasons! Thats why I live in New england. I'm starting this week to decorate for Fall. I love decorating with cornstalks, pumpkins, and mums. I usually put pumpkins on my shutters. Fall wreaths on my doors. I also put leave garlands on my fence. When i'm done i'll take pictures!I can't wait to jump in the leaves with my grandson. He's 21 months so I want him to love Fall like I do.I'm working on my Christmas Cards and trees for my craft shows. Busy, busy, busy!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Cards!

Well I've been busy today. Here are some new cards. I'm selling them on Etsy!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Shop I like!

Today I 'm telling you about a shop I like. If you like jewelry that is unique check this site out. She's from my little state R.I. and does great work. Check out her sites.
Please check these sites out. You will be glad you did! I'll try to get some pictures as soon as I figure copy/paste! I'm still learning things!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More New Cards!

These are more of my cards!

It feels like Fall To Me !

I woke up this morning and it feels like Fall. That's my favorite season. It makes me think of Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie. Makes me want to start Fall cleaning and getting my long sleeves out. But today I'm busy designing more cards. Before we know it , Christmas will be here. All my craft stores here already have fall, halloween and even christmas items in stock. Can we at least finish one season at a time???? I'm all for getting my seasonal items made but I would at least like to enjoy the rest of summer. I've been busy designing new cards. Here one of of them!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Dedicate This Song!

I'm dedicating the song that plays on my playlist in memory of my mom!
Someone's Watching Over Me - Hilary Duff

Cards & Bookmarks For Cancer!

These are some of the cards and bookmarks I'll be selling on my site . I'll be donating .50 from each card and bookmark I sell till Dec.31. I will also be doing cards and bookmarks with the ribbon for ovarian cancer. I'll be designing them in loving memory of my mom. This cancer is dear to me because of my mom. She fought this disease with such strength and diginity. I'm celebrating her life and how she lived it! It was 9 years last week that I lost her.

Beautiful Day!

Today is such a beautiful day. I was up this morning at 4am. I worked on some of my cards and packaged the ones for my craft shows that will be coming up soon. I love working that early in the morning. My ideas seem to flow at that time. It's so peaceful in my design room. The birds are chirping and it is so quiet out.
I'm working on many projects for the holidays. I'll be adding all kinds of things to my etsy site. I'll be making table christmas trees, but I'm not saying how they will be. It will be a surprise. Well time to do some more work.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Cards

I'm selling these on my Etsy Site!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fall Is Almost Here!

Fall is almost here. That is my favorite season. I love the crisp air, the colorful leaves and just the feeling of the change. Living in New England I get to see the great foliage all around me. I love decorating my yard and house outside. I will show pictures when I get it done. The only bad thing about Fall , is knowing that winter is around the corner. I love making apple pies in fall. It is my family tradition and I must admit I make a great apple pie! This year it will be great. My grandson is old enough to enjoy it. I will teach him to jump in leave piles, roll down the hill on leaves. Gee, maybe I can teach him to rake !!!! Lol!!!! Well have to go. Need to get packed for the beach. Everyone, sit down and think about fall and what it means to you. If you don't have Fall try going on a trip to look at the leaves somewhere else.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vacation Almost Over!

Well tomorrow is my last day of vacation! Where did the days go? I had such plans to do so much but all I did was make cards, cards and more cards. Here are a few new ones that I'll be selling on etsy.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fall And Halloween Cards

New day!

Well today is a new day to get my thoughts together. I've been busy making cards for my business and trying to get my etsy shop noticed. I'm worn out. It's not easy trying to get a business going. It has it's ups and downs. I'm trying to take the good with the bad , but it's hard. I love what I do so It should be a win win situation. I love making cards and meeting so many great people at craft shows and on line. Someday I hope to be able to sit back and enjoy the ride! Well I can wish can't I ? I'm busy with baby and trying to keep my house in order. I need to paint my scraproom and organize it better, Then I need to do the same in my gym. Oh well I'm only one person!!!! I'm working on halloween and fall cards. I've even been working on christmas ones too. Yes I said Christmas. I've started my shopping already and I wrap as I go. Well need to get some work done.
Have a great day everyone!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 New Cards

These are my new cards I made over the weekend. I'm trying to catch up on my work for my craft shows in Sept. i better stay off the computer if I want to get them done!

Sunday, August 3, 2008


I have a winner for the rak!
BRZ352 you are the winner. Email me your address!
Cricut friends! I can't sign into my cricut messageboard. I have a configuration problem (whatever that is) I've been trying all day.I emailed cricut so maybe they will let me know whats going on. Sorry I couldn't announce this on there!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Few New Cards! Yes, More Butterflies!!!!!!

Here I go again with the butterfly cards. I can't help myself!!!! I need to move on and get my Christmas cards done. but do I. No !