Sunday, July 19, 2009

Surprise Birthday Party!

I had the best day today! My daughter had a surprise birthday party for me.
We sat around her pool with my favorite cousins, aunts, and friends.
I was so surprised.
All week everyone was acting so strange. Now I know why.
My best friend from florida came with her husband and grandaughter,
We have been friend since 1978.
We met while my hubby was in the navy .
My friend mel from Morning glory was there.
All week I thought she was trying to diss me at her shop
! Now I know why she was nervious around me.
I thought it was full moon the way everyone was acting.
Thanks everyone!!!!!!
My favorite cousins were there and my best friend and neighbor Alice. My husband was there.
It was great!!!!!!
Thanks Heather and Warren for all your work and time.
I love you all!
It was the best party ever!!!!!!
Thanks for my new ipod Z!!!!!! I love the inscription!!!!!!
Love you my sweetheart!!!!!!!!
Lot's of nice gifts!!!!! Gift cards!!!!! Beautiful flower and balloons from Mel.
She did the most beautful vase with flowers and baloons. She does the best when it comes to flowers!!!!!!