Monday, September 15, 2008

Can't sleep!

I'm still up tonight up here on my computer. I can't sleep. I'm over tired! My grandson fell and is getting stitches at the Childrens Hospital.I'm waiting for my daughter to call and let me know how he is. He's only 22 months. He was playing with his dogs and fell on the ceramic tile floor. Boys will be boys! I know it happens but I feel so bad for him. Poor little guy!
I made some Halloween cards. I just put them on my etsy site! Yes, Halloween will be here before we know it. The stores already have halloween items in one isle and christmas in the next. Could they rush the holidays any faster???? I feel like summer just flew by! Before we know it snow will be falling!!! Not yet i hope! Heres my new cards. I hope you like them!