Friday, February 6, 2009

New Card!

Here's a new card I made this morning. I'll be bringing it to the Floral shop.

Couldn't Sleep!

Haven't done any cards to put on. I'm having a problem with my hand! I had a bad fall over 2 years ago. I damaged my hand and wrist real bad. The surgeon said I would never use that hand again. Well my prayers we're answered and I got the use of my hand back. Well the last year I've been having problems with it. I'm losing some of my strength again. Yes, I feel bad but at least I got the use of it back!
Yesterday I had a bad day with it. I had to put my brace on it because the pain was so bad. Our weather here has been cold!!!! We've had snow every week since before Christmas. The weather effects my hand and me, being who I am, doing things and trying to get more hours in a day doesn't help.
Yesterday I didn't do anything but take care of my grandson. It was hard doing that but this morning I'm feeling better. I'm not in as much pain. Hopefully this weekend I can get upstairs in my scraproom and do some things!
Sorry for my venting but just posting this gets me out of my pitty me mode!!! I'm back to my old self!!! I hate these moods! My poor daughter had to listen to me whine!!! She had to put me in my place to get me out of it!!!
Thanks Heather!!!!! You know how to make me stop feeling sorry for myself!!!!!