Friday, December 5, 2008


Well it's friday and I have my jeep packed for the show Sat. Set up is tonight at 4. I had to take grandsons carseat out, so that means we're stuck in the house all day. Maybe when he naps I can make a few extra things for show. I guess when you do shows you never think you have enough. I did alot of things all under $5. I figured it's a school and teachers gifts and stocking stuffers will sell. I have 8 trees I did for tables. I did them primitive looking. I think they will sell. I even did a 12" one for baby . It has teddy bears and looks like old victorian. I'll take pictures of everything and my set up at the show. I'll put them on here. Well, here comes grandbaby! Have to go! Here's a card I did last night after packing the car! I scraplifted the saying from someone on cricut or a blog. Can't remember who. Thank you!