Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy Week !

I've had a busy week so far. I've been making Easter Candy. That takes up alot of my time. Between making candy, making cards, playing outside with Grandson and chatting with my neighbor on the swing, I realize I don't have enough hours in the day.
As you can see, my blog has been changed to this beautiful new background. Thank God for my online friends, One of them made this background and they both worked hard to make it beautiful for me.
I'm lucky to have such great new friends!
Thank you Rita and Penny!
With the weather getting better I'm starting to work in my yard. I have alot of gardens to take care of.
Also I'm planning a cookout for May. I'm making it smaller this year. Just a few people. It was big last year but this year I need to cut back a little bit.
So that should be interesting. I probably shouldn't have it at all but I want to.
I'm still working on my scrapbook room. I still need to finish painting!!!!!
Wish it could paint itself!!!!!
Well I think I'll take the little one outside for awhile before his mom picks him up.