Monday, January 5, 2009


Now with the holidays behind me, I would like to reflect on family.
The holidays have always been sad for me. With both my parents gone my family was just my husband, daughter, son-in-law and grandson.
This year I realized what does family really mean.
A traditional family is mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, brothers, sisters,
grandparents,cousins, aunts and uncles. But does that really define family?????
My family to me is my husband, daughter, son-in-law, grandson, my dog, my cousin who is my best friend and like a sister, my aunt who is like a mother, my neighbor who is my best friend and like a mother and my friend who is like a sister.
To many of you,this may not look like a family, but to me this is the best family ever!
So when I'm sad I think of my special family and it brings a smile to my face.