Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wide Awake!!!!!

Here I am again. Couldn't sleep. This is beginning to become a habit with me. Up all night and sleep all day.
Usually when this happens, I go upstairs in scrapbook room and create. I think I have a block. I can't even create.
I have so many ideas floating in my head, but can't seem to do anything. I'm thinking of closing my Etsy Shop.
It's not doing that great right now. I loved doing the craft shows but there done for the season.
I need to work on my scrapbooks. I still have my husbands military one to do. I need to start my grandsons 2yr. one. I did a baby one for him. Did a 1yr. to 2yr. one. I want to try and do them for every year. I thought that when he got older I would give them to him.
I need to get motivated!!!!!!!! Help!!!!!! LOL!
Well I guess I'll check out my favorite blogs till I get tired!
Have a great Tuesday!