Saturday, April 3, 2010

Things Are Finally Getting Back To Normal.

Well today is a good day. Still have a little water in my basement. Daughter finally has heat and hot water back. She lost everything in her basement. Had to get a dumpster.
I was evacuated to her house because of the bridge near me. But I couldn't stand the cold at her house so I came home. My street was like a dead zone. No one here but me and my husband.
I had places I could of went but I wanted to be in my own house. What hasppens will happen!
The national guard knocked on my window and scared me! My grandson was sleeping on the couch. I never packed so fast in my whole life. Thank God for garbage bags!
I was lucky but so many people lost everything.
I'll will remember this for a long time!
I'm Just glad it's over.
I'm back to crafting full speed!
We had to throw some things out but it's best to get rid of it and not get mold.
We are skippy Easter this year. We need to get the mess cleaned up.