Sunday, July 27, 2008

Another Day!

Well it looks like another busy day. Im in a better mood today! I'm still having problems on here with my etsy shop link. It doesn't show on the side. I took it off and it works on the bottom of my page. Go figure!!!!! Different people said it worked but it doesn't show up on mine. Oh well! Time to move on. As you can see i've been adding new cards. I've been a crafting mode all week.
Tomorrow my baby grandson is back. I missed him all week but it gave me time to work on some of my crafts. I'm getting ready for christmas and some craft shows starting in Sept. I make tabletop Christmas trees so I need to get working on them.I couldn't keep up with them last year so I better start making them now. Well have alot to do so I'll leave you with this thought.
Remember, The glass is always half full not half empty! Thats how I try to think of things. It keeps me happy, healthy, and strong! See you tomorrow!

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