Friday, July 25, 2008


Well as you can see from my title I'm excited because I have my playlist up and running. I hope you all enjoy my music list!!!!! As you can see I like all kinds of music. I hope I don't shock you.
Well today looks like a great day. We have had rain and bad storms for 2 days. Even a tornado hit here. Thats unusual for us. we really needed rain. Everything was turning brown. Well I've been busy making more cards. I have a few new ones to post . Today I need to paint my scraproom and get it organised. That will take time. It's such a mess. I'm a messy scrapper! At least I know where everything is! Well I,m off to get my work done. When my room is painted and done, I'm going to attempt to do a video. Yes , I said attempt!!!! See you later everyone!!!!

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