Friday, September 18, 2009

Have You Ever Had One Of Those Days?????

Well I did yesterday!
As You know I make candles along with all my other items.
Well I have someone that has a shop that wants me to make them in her tea cups. She wanted them by today.
Well I said yes knowing that my busy craft show time starts this week.
I started to make them only to discover I didn't have enough wax.
So I ordered some on line but it won't be here till Tues.
So I called her and told her I could only make her 4.
Then My thermometer fell on the floor, and doesn't work.
( Did I tell you I just bought that one last week because I knocked the other one on the floor and it broke in little pieces)
I call hubby at work last night and asked if he could pick me up a new one on his way home.
Then I smell something burning and my cord for my glue gun was on my burner. So I had to throw it out. I'm just lucky it didn't get on fire.
By then at 8:00pm I decided I'd go to bed and hope the morning would be better.
Well guess what????? It isn't.
Those candles cooled with bubbles in them.
So I think the lesson learned here is, when you get a feeling not to do something you shouldn't!!!!!
Well , sorry for my complaining!
Actually I'm laughing about it now but I have decided to tell her I can't do candles for her. I think my problem is I don't sleep at night, not enough hours in a day, and never a day to myself!

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Anonymous said... had a bad day Meredi...but things are looking up...right? Will you email me and tell me how you make your candles..this is interesting to me. I loved the pictures you had on here earlier.