Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best Mother's Day!

I usually have sad Mother's Days!. Since my mom passed away they have been very sad and hard to deal with.
This year I was really not looking forward to another sad day.
On Sat. night I went to friends floral shop to visit. It was great to get my mind off the sadness.
They we're all busy doing flowers and I just sat and watched the excitement.
They next morning I went to the cemetary and put roses on my mom's and aunts grave.
( Yes they were beautiful roses my friend put together for me.)
I was a little down so I stopped and picked up some muffins and a lemon danish ring and brought them to the floral shop.
I stayed there and left in a better mood.
I fell in love with this chime with butterflies on it at her shop a month ago. They were holding it for me and I was going to buy it.
Saturday night it was gone and I was going crazy. I thought they sold it on me by mistake.
Well little did I know that my dd had gone in there and bought it for me for mothers day!
I was so happy to get it!
I called my friend and apologised for acting so crazy!!!!!
Now the lesson to be learned is be quiet and wait before you say something , especially if it's a holiday and my dd goes in there.
After the day was almost done , my dh came home. My friend sent home this beautiful vase filled with roses, lilacs, twigs and butterflies. It was so beautiful.
What started off to be a sad day turned out great!
Thanks Mel!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Heather and Z!!!
Thanks Steve!

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Christina said...

awww, I am so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day! Things here are really busy, not much time for anything.. I am so behind in blogging along with other things I can't wait to get back into.
Love you newest creations!!!
Hugs, Christina

P.S Mom is in NJ. awaiting the birth of another granddaughter, still not here due the 14th. My brother will have 4 girls soon!! wowzers... lol