Friday, February 27, 2009


Well it's friday and I get 2 days off. Hopefully I'll get to my scraproom. I need to clean out and sell some of my items. I have so much I don't use anymore and need to cut back. I still haven't finished painting. That will have to wait till summer vacation.
I'm painting my room lavender. I think it will give the room a new airy look. I started it last may and have it half done. I need to get all the wallpaper down from the slants. Not sure if I'll paint it white or lavender.
I need to reorganize the whole room. It is a mess up there! When I make my items I make such a mess. No wonder I can't get anything done!!!!
I need a secretary!!!! Only kidding!
Right now I'm having a creative block. It takes me all night to make 1 card!!! Of cause going to bed before 6pm doesn't help. I'm just so tired lately! Old Age??????
Well need to take care of grandson. He's running wild!!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!

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