Sunday, February 15, 2009

My 3 Day Weekend!

Well I was excited about my 3 day weekend. On friday my dd called and said my grandson was sick. So I didn't have to watch him. Of cause I went to see him. The poor little guy had the bad stomach flu. He couldn't keep anything down.
The Dr. didn't even want to see him because this flu spreads quickly. He just said to give him fluids and after clean all his toys with bleach.
So yesterday I cleaned his whole toy chest here and everything in my house. I did SPRING CLEANING! So no scrapbooking for me.
Today I want to finish everything , then maybe get my scrapbook room painted. I've been painting it since last May. It's half done! I want to look over everything and get rid of alot of it. There's things I haven't even used yet. Time to clean out and see what I can get rid of. I want to take the carpet out and put a wood floor up there.
I think I'll get rid of the big steel shelfs and maybe do it with old items from around my house. Kind of like a shabby chic look. I love that kind of look.
Well as you can see I couldn't sleep so maybe I'll get something done now!

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